Thursday, October 4, 2007


Some have gone to Uproar to do some more end game raids etc so whisper Phaeton if you want to have a look in.

Phae :)

Will miss all the good times but hope to have more!!

Disband of Umbra Domini

Well, it's hard to salvage a dying plant and despite everything, all good things will have to end. The decision has been made to just disband Umbra Domini and we have to face the hard facts that we do not have enough healer or dpser or tanker to run dungeons not to mention kara. I want to thank Gidger for being a good GM all these while and provide support to all of us casual players. I guess it's time for us all to move to another guild we find suitable so we can contribute over there instead and work towards end game raid or something.

I'm sure we'll never forget Umbra Domini for during our growing up years. It has been fun playing with everyone in there and I would like to thank everyone for their contribution in making Umbra Domini a great guild!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Guild Morale

I've also noticed recently that our guild morale has been greatly affected because some of our senior guild members quitted. Gidger was having a rough time :( Let me just reinstate that no one forced or coerced anyone to leave the guild, we are not that type of guild. But as matured and responsible players, we should just enjoy the game as it is and have fun.

There is no point in letting what others think about your gamestyle or comments affect us in anyway personally until there's no turning back. I've always envisioned a really nice virtual world, where everyone is nice and polite to each other :) and I think I've seen that in Umbra Domini where everyone greets each other and there's always something nice to say to each other.

Why can't we continue to grow our guild that way? If everyone will just learn to forgive and forget, then everything will be much easier. I understand that there will be tensions and dramas during instance run or when you think that no one is there to help, it's really fine to feel angry or dissappointed (we've all been there) cos we're all humans and it's perfectly normal, we're all different. But please do NOT let those little episodes which happened during one instance run to ruin your entire chances of building beautiful friendship with your own guildy or the others you met online.

We can always choose to be nice or otherwise, but please don't forget we're there to have fun :)

Welcome New Members

I want to apologized first and foremost to all the new guildies who has joined us recently. We never really officially had any party or any celebrations to welcome them, but everyone especially the senior guild members are very appreciative that they chose to join us. I'd like to once again welcome each and every new members for joining the guild eventhough this is probably not one of the 'BEST' guild around.

Umbra Domini has always been about fun and we're mostly casual players, we'll never pressure anyone within the guild to level fast. So please keep that in mind and be there for each other.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Guild's Kara Attunement Event

ok ladies n gentlemen,1st i want to apologize for this case is meant for lvl 70 players.
This coming Saturday and Sunday (1st and 2nd Sep). We shall conduct a group or 2 to DeadwindPass as part of our guild event, mainly for getting the kara key quest.
since im still blur of what direction of our guild will go to, i would like to see our guild's kara kickstart by the end of next month. For that, a constant OL high instances run is a MUST in order to upgrade gears to meet the requirement for kara run.
the attunement quest can b soloable start, but more players participation will result the smoothness of the operation. the event will be based on server time:
Saturday-8pm (those who missed)
Sunday-6pm (those who missed)

please be informed this event is will be stop at 1st key fragment quest. (if whoever wants to proceed i'll be happy to assist, provided tanker should be around and no time clash)

Your cooperation is needed to make this happen. Please spread this news to guildies.
Thank you


Friday, August 24, 2007

extra mods for all....

These two are by request :)

KLH Threat Meter

and also


Instructions are on the site down the bottom for the install

Or see me in WoW :)