Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A New Guild tabard

Anyone who wants to design the guild tabard please visit the guild master in one of the major cities and click I want to create guild crest.

Change the values as you see fit and remember by how many you changed each value.

Please send me these numbers I will then post screenshots of these tabards on the blog and people can vote for the best one.

Send me as many as you want, i hope to see some designs soons.

The person who creates the winning tabard will recive 25 gold, I hope this encourages people to join in.

If you dont have a tabard and would like one just mail me and i'll send you one.

Thankyou for your time.


LeeSar aka LeeBerty said...

Wow! Very attractive encouragement ...so people, please hurry up and let the ideas flow in ;P

Ronen said...

Hi all,

Ok, to kick things off here are my suggestions. Directions left or right are using the current tabard design as the starting position:

1) Icon Omega symbol(49 clicks right), icon colour gold (0), border style plain (0), border colour dark green(8R), background colour black (13R)

2) Same as 1 above except use laurel wreath for icon (69 clicks right)

2) Same as 2 above but with white border colour (2 clicks left)

I think these are simple yet distinctive - I toned down my original ones which featured lots of blood red :)


Gidger (Guild Master) said...

If you dont want to be clicking to view these once they is a thew more i will post screenshots of me wearing these.

Thankyou ronen, that would have taken a while.

LeeSar aka LeeBerty said...

I think as long as border and icon color are the same, it should look nice. I generally prefers a black colored tabard with white border and icon. As for the icon, I have been looking in particular for the 4-leaf clover or the snowflake icon which is simple and not too extravagant. (That will be my ideas for the new tabard)

miles said...

Hi all,

Just thought i would say. I actually like the current tabard. the only thing wrong with it is the icon has no significance to the guild. My suggestion is to keep the colouring and just change the icon. I shall take a look tonight to offer up some of my suggestions.



Gidger (Guild Master) said...

Thankyou for the ideas so far i have got sreenshots of them and placed them here. I didn't want to create a post all the time putting them on a seperate site seemed to be the easiest option.

I hope to see a couple more ideas and then we shall have a vote.

Silverblade said...

Well I still like the current PAW icon. And Miles's icon is next choice after paw. Well none of the icon I've seen in all shows any relevance to the name anyway. Regardless. But still, maintain the color pls. Give me a sense of 'class' feeling in the guild.

Jessika said...

Hello Gid,

I saw those designs but I'm not an artistics person. I saw 1 design by Ronen with the "Inverted U", why not we have our tabard with a letter "U" instead? "U" for Umbra!! Woohoo.. eh wats the current one lol, I've no idea. As for the Colour, I like the 3 picute that Trob or Miles had created, both are nice.

Amandria said...

Hi All,

I like the current design, but the competition sounds like fun.

I would like to see a subtle purple back ground with a gold border and a gold crown (same colour) as the icon.

It's pretty regal and not entirely offensive!


Stav said...


I love the regal blue in Lees' design number 1 - but the paw symbol does not do it for me.

I do like the symbols from Tron (numbers 9 or 10).

Hope that helps

Ronen said...

I've been watching the comments with some interest and two things I'm picking up in those who want a change (and knowing that the current design has advocates too) are (A) that many like the current colours but want a dfferent icon and (B) that something a little more regal might be good. Maybe we should do the contest in 2 stages? One for colours and one for icon? Anyway, I thought I'd put up 2 more suggestions for consideration in line with comments i've heard expressed:
1) Keep current colours but make icon a 2 headed hawk (89L);
2) Same as 1 but make the tabard background a deep purple/red (39L)

Just more food for thought.

Ronen said...

Oops...meant to add one more.

Same as Tabard number 7 but with black background (13R) and white border and icon (2R)